About your Attomarker Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Test Appointment with Integra

Accurate Antibody Level Results in Just 7 Minutes

During your Attomarker Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Test Appointment,  you’ll receive both your natural & vaccine immunity profile, fully explained by a qualified doctor, along with guidance on how you may best use this and other health information to ensure you can live your best life, safely.

How does our service work?

Our Service is designed consistent with the best, evidence-based approaches to this type of rapid point-of-care testing and combines the testing itself with proper explanations and health guidance around how to ensure you make intelligent choices as you start to get back to living normally, despite the continuing presence of Covid and is variants.

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Book an appointment with one of our doctors providing Attomarker Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Test Appointment. This is currently provided by 4 team members.

Actual Test Process

Trained nurse will take a tiny blood sample for immediate analysis, as well taking some standard health vitals like blood pressure and weight. There's also a short screening questionnaire to complete.

Your Consultation

Your doctor will conduct the consultation, discuss any specific Covid-related risks you should be aware of, and fully explain the results from your test, what they mean and how to make best use of them.

About the Integra Attomarker Test Itself

It’s NOT a Covid Diagnostic Test

Attomarker’s Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Test Appointment & test provides a comprehensive analysis of the antibodies you have developed against the Covid virus. It tells you about your immunity. It is not a ‘Covid Test’ that tells you if you have Covid or not and is not part of travel or symptomatic testing (which utilise Lateral Flow Rapid Antigen Tests or PCR to purely tell you if you have Covid or not).

Validated Measure of your Immunity
Attomarker’s test is the only clinic-based test that will tell you whether your antibody levels are high enough to be protective against symptomatic Covid-19, and what your levels mean as you engage in health protection behaviours, vaccination and boosters.
Comprehensive, Individual Results Consultation
Integra is committed to both your understanding and informed decision-making. We’re used to simple ‘yes or no’ questions and now we have a genuinely important level of information. You need to know what that means… for you!
A True Triple Test… and More
Attomarker’s test gives you a comprehensive Covid-19 immunity profile, telling you more about your personal immune response than any other test on the market. It will also tell you whether your antibodies are from just the vaccine or Covid itself, and whether or not you have had the Omicron variant.
Fast & Accurate

The Attomarker test performs a comprehensive analysis of antibodies present in a small blood sample in just 7 minutes. That impressive speed, comes with an exceptionally high degree of accuracy too. Test accuracy is measured by scientists in two ways. Sensitivity is how likely the test is to detect a positive result. Specificity shows how specific the antibodies are to COVID-19 and thus how trustworthy a negative result is. Attomarker’s Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Test achieves 95% sensitivity and 96% specificity.

Discover more about the rationale for testing at: Attomarker Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Test

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Cost & Insurance

The charges for this comprehensive test, consultation and guidance are split into two parts:

  • The test itself, including reagents, sampling & all associated costs
  • The consultation & health guidance

The consultation is a standard 99402 (Cayman Islands Standard Fees code for Preventive medicine counseling and/or risk factor reduction intervention(s) provided) and typically covered somewhere between 80 – 100% by your insurance. The test is not yet fully covered by insurance and there is a self-pay element. The elements that are typically covered, depending on your insurance, are $17.04 for the blood sampling and $78.30 KYD as test part payment, leaving $96.70 KYD of the total test costs a self-pay element. The test cost itself is $175 KYD, similar to the UK cost but with the additional transit costs and import duties (Integra is committed to making latest generation testing available as accessibly as possible).

Frequently Asked Questions

What might I learn from having this test?

This test will tell you whether you have COVID-19 antibodies in your blood; either natural antibodies after an infection or vaccine antibodies. An antibody-positive test with sufficient levels suggests protection from the coronavirus infection. You will also gain a perspective on how long your level of antibodies may stay sufficient for protection.

Understanding the above helps reassure that you are protected and provide some guidance on when you may need to consider a booster vaccine too. It could help discover you have poor protection and need to boost now or take other measures to enhance your safety.

Why are antibodies important?

Certain types of cells (Plasma cells) release large amounts of antibodies into the body’s circulation, after exposure to the virus or from vaccination.

This protects us in two main ways. First, antibodies can bind to the outside of the virus to stop it from entering our cells. This is particularly important for viruses, which enter human cells to replicate (so if the virus is stopped from entering your cells, you won’t get sick).

Second, by binding to the virus, antibodies also signal other white blood cells known as phagocytic cells, which engulf and destroy the virus. So, in short, antibodies can both neutralise a virus and mark it for destruction.

If I am already vaccinated, should I have the test?

The test will tell you what kind of response you have had to the vaccination and how well you might be protected. This is especially important if you are one of the individuals with a poorer response (up to 1 in 4 depending on which vaccine). It can also give you an idea of how long your protection may last.

Is the test approved for use in Cayman Islands?

Yes. The test holds its necessary CE Mark and accreditation from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) that regulates medicines and medical devices in the UK. This is the approval that allows use of diagnostic point-of-care tests in Cayman Islands.

Is it a laboratory test?

No. It is what is called a Point-of-Care test, which is a type of test designed to be conducted in a clinic (the point of care). It automatically analyses tiny samples, in just 7 minutes and does not require a laboratory. At Integra (like other clinics too), we conduct lots of point-of-care testing, which is the preferred method if the equipment is available.

How accurate is this test?

Test accuracy is measured in two ways. Sensitivity is how likely the test is to detect a positive result. Specificity shows how specific the antibodies are to COVID-19 and thus how trustworthy a negative result is. Attomarker’s Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Test achieves 95% sensitivity and 96% specificity. This is considered a very good level of accuracy!

Will it tell me if my vaccine has worked?

It is designed to help show what kind of response you may have had to the vaccine. The results will show whether you have COVID-19 antibodies in your blood; either natural antibodies after an infection or antibodies as a result of the vaccine. An antibody-positive test suggests protection from the coronavirus infection.

How soon after the vaccine can I take an antibody test?

It is recommended to wait two-three weeks after your second jab, but you can try earlier. If you want to know how your antibody levels are holding up (as they will fall with time) then a test three months post-vaccine would show the change in levels.

Is this a test to see if I have COVID-19?

No. It is not an antigen test (also called Rapid Antigen Test or Lateral Flow Test) or a PCR test, and is not designed to tell you if you have COVID-19. If you think you have COVID-19 now, please follow current guidelines, which you will find at: https://www.exploregov.ky/coronavirus

Can it tell me if I have had Omicron?

It can. The Attomarker unique 4 in 1 rapid antibody test indicates the level of “wild” Spike, Omicron Spike, Nucleocapsid and Receptor Binding Domain (RBD) Coronavirus antibodies in the blood, as well as C-Reactive Protein (a key inflammatory indicator). This combination allows us to identify whther your results are caused by Omicron or another variant (or vaccination). However, it is not a test to see if you have currently got Omicron.

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About the test process (please read)

Your Attomarker Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Test will consist of 4 components:
Health Information Questionnaire + Small Venous Blood Sample + The Test Itself (by our team) + Results & Health Guidance Consultation

Please arrive 20 minutes beforehand to allow time for questionnaire & test.

Dr Francisco Martinez

Dr Francisco Martinez

Family Physician (General Practitioner)

Dr Martinez is a family health specialist with a Master in Assessment Medicine and extensive experience in family health and urgent care, geriatrics & palliative care, from Spain & UK. He moved to Cayman in 2012. Dr Martinez combines pragmatism and compassion in all he does.

Uniquely You

You are unique. Every person's immune response to the various Coronavirus vaccines is unique. Unfortunately, some patients Attomarker has tested have not developed antibodies beyond key thresholds, or their antibody levels are declining more rapidly than planned.  Their protection from SARS-CoV-2 variants may be compromised.  Others are super-responders with long-lasting antibodies for whom additional boosters may create inflammatory auto-antibodies. This variation in response is why the Attomarker Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Test is so important. Attomarker has proposed a blood antibody threshold that predicts levels of antibodies in the nasal mucosa - a key indicator of protection against infection. These and the technology itself are based on robust science and experience with antibody thresholds build up of many decades, antibodies and the diseases they are linked to.

Important note: Although this antibody immunity test is based on robust science to back up the findings in practise, immunity is complex and there are other factors that affect individuals or that may leave you prone to infection; please continue to exercise caution in the midst of the pandemic. Your test results are intended for guidance only, and are just part of taking informed decisions, which have many and wider inputs. Although we will do our utmost to provide insight on some of these wider factors or inputs, because of this individuality, neither Attomarker nor Integra Healthcare Ltd can accept any liability for behavioural decisions or actions following receipt of test results.

Additional reading for the scientifically minded:

For additional reading we recommend articles by Shaw et al. and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.