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Dr Francisco Martinez

General Practitioner (GP) in Cayman 

MD Family & Community Medicine

Tel: +1 (345) 745 7450 (clinic)
Email: [email protected]

Dr Martinez is a family health specialist with a Master in Assessment Medicine and extensive experience in both family health and urgent/ emergency care, as well as geriatrics and palliative care. Prior to Cayman, he has worked in a busy Madrid practice, urgent and emergency care at the main Spanish military hospital and a busy local hospital in the United Kingdom.

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Focus on Acute Care

Diagnosis and treatment of acute problems, like abdominal pain, chest pain or infections. Dr Martinez has  demonstrated an exceptional ability at identifying emergency or life-threatening conditions that need immediate attention.

Focus on Chronic Conditions

Dr Martinez is highly experienced in the diagnosis and management of chronic disease such as hypertension, diabetes, thyroid or gastrointestinal problems, including the management of symptoms and symptomatic relief through both medical and lifestyle interventions.

Focus on Prevention

Dr Martinez has a strong belief in preventative medicine to reduce cardiovascular risk factors and cancer.

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Appointment Booking with Dr Martinez

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Your Attomarker Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Test will consist of 4 components:
Health Information Questionnaire + Small Venous Blood Sample + The Test Itself (by our team) + Results & Health Guidance Consultation

Please arrive 20 minutes beforehand to allow time for questionnaire & test.

Services, Conditions & Procedures

Primary Care (Family Medicine)

Medicals & Assessments

  • Work Permit Medicals
  • (Pre-) Employment Medicals
  • University & Camp Medicals
  • Well Person Assessments
  • Annual Physicals
  • Life Insurance Medicals
  • Taxi & Public Vehicle Driver Medicals
  • Second Opinions

Dr Martinez Career Highlights

  • Master in Assessment Medicine,
    Barcelona University
  • Qualified in Spain & UK
  • Emergency multispecialty training & experience from Spain’s largest military hospital
  • Qualified & experienced in elderly medicine & palliative care
  • Practising GP in Cayman since 2012

Education, Training & Experience


Dr Martinez has the following qualifications:

  • Medical Doctor Degree from Complutense University Madrid, Spain
  • Specialty Training in Family Medicine and Community Health. Ministry of Health, Spain
  • Master in Assessment Medicine. Barcelona University, Spain
  • Diploma Palliative Care. Canary Island Health Authorities
Family Medicine

Dr Martinez is licensed by the Cayman Islands Medical & Dental Council and has been practising in Cayman since 2012 in both family medicine and urgent care.

He started his medical career as a GP training in different rural Health Centers in the province of Salamanca (Spain) before qualifying in the highly respected Military Hospital ‘Generalisimo’, a care of the elderly and palliative care hospital in Spain. Besides elderly and palliative care, he was responsible for assessment and management of acute problems of a variety of inpatients.

During the same year, he started his successful private practice as a GP in the Alder Clinic, centrally located in Madrid, attending primary care patients from across the spectrum of Health Insurance Companies, including the Bupa Spanish Group, Sanitas.

Urgent & Emergency Medicine
In November 2001, Dr Martinez passed the exam for and took up post in the A&E Department of the Central Defense ‘Gomez Ulla’ Hospital in Madrid, the main Army Hospital for Spain, providing extensive experience in Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Cardiology, Respiratory Medicine and General Medicine. Through this time, Dr Martinez continued his private GP Practice in Alder Clinic. In September 2010, he took up post in the Accident & Emergency Department of Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynn (affiliated with Cambridge School of Medicine).In 2012, Dr Martinez moved to Cayman where he took up post practising in Family Medicine and Urgent Care.

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