Dr Siobhan Jaques

Neonatologist and Paediatrician in Cayman


Tel: +1 (345) 745 7450 (clinic)
Email: [email protected]

Dr Siobhan Jaques is an experienced, tertiary-trained & accredited specialist neonatologist and paediatrician in Cayman, based out of Grand Pavilion on West Bay Road, with admitting rights at both Doctors Hospital and Cayman Islands Hospital in George Town. Prior to Cayman, she was Consultant Neonatologist at the renowned Evelina Children’s Hospital, part of Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Trust. Siobhan is passionate about a ‘whole child’ approach to child health, with a particular interest in the mental health & wellbeing of children following the effects of the pandemic.

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Every Tuesday, Dr. Siobhan Jaques will be located at our Harbour Walk Location – 52A Edgewater Way.

Dr Siobhan Jaques

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Services, Conditions & Procedures

Paediatric Services

  • General Paediatrics
  • Well-Child Assessments
  • Developmental Follow-up
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Urgent Care & Advice
  • Hospital Admissions
  • Growth, Nutrition & Digestive
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Autistic Spectrum & ADHD
  • Lumps, Bumps & Bashes
  • Fever, Bugs & Rashes

Newborn (Neonatal) Services

  • Attending Deliveries
  • Attending C-Sections
  • Newborn Complications
  • Resuscitation & Emergencies
  • Advanced Neonatal Care
  • Baby Checks
  • Immunisations
  • 1st Year of Life
  • Respiratory & Neurology
  • Referral Management

Dr Jaques Career Highlights

  • Fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health
  • 10+ years of tertiary neonatal experience
  • Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health Tutor
  • Training in Community & General Paediatrics
  • Medical Lead for the ENSPIRE Group (Parental Engagement on NICU)

Education, Training & Experience

Newborn (Neonatal) Experience

I have extensive experience as a Neonatologist in multiple, large regional level 3 (tertiary) NICUs, including Evelina Children’s Hospital at Guys & St Thomas’ in London, St George’s Hospital, Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney Australia, St Mary’s Hospital and Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

In my recent role as Consultant Neonatologist at Evelina Childrens, my clinical responsibilities covered care of preterm from 23 weeks onwards, through to term infants with complex problems. This included infants with significant complex disease, ongoing paediatric problems, developmental paediatrics and included the follow up of both relatively well and sometimes very complex infants from a paediatric standpoint, including children who have been challenged by congenital and genetic issues, developmental delay and other paediatric challenges.

As part of the wonderful team at Integra, I am excited to bring these experiences to my role as a neonatologist and paediatrician in Cayman.

I am a Fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), as well as a member of the British Association of Perinatal Medicine (BAPM).

Paediatric Experience

I am accredited in general paediatrics, alongside my neonatal subspecialisation, following training in busy London hospitals, as well as abroad (including transport of sick newborns and children). I am fortunate to have been trained in both general paediatrics and community paediatrics, the perfect mixture of experiences for the multi-faceted work a paediatrician faces here in the Cayman Islands.

I am proud to have trained at the world-renowned Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London, where I acquired the knowledge and skills to treat complex problems, especially around immunology and infectious diseases. This experience was complemented by further general paediatric experiences in two London University hospitals.

Having worked in London throughout the pandemic I saw first-hand how families struggled with the impact of isolating, missing school and repeated testing. I shared these challenges within my own family and am aware how much of a psychological impact this pandemic has had on our children. I am passionate about ensuring the wellbeing of children which means also attending to their emotional and mental health needs, as well as physical health. Recognising the impact of this pandemic on the mental health of our children is important and something that I am committed to supporting and this is something I am keen to bring to my work as a neonatologist and paediatrician in Cayman.

I am a Fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), as well as a member of the British Association of Perinatal Medicine (BAPM).

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