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Ischaemic Heart Disease and Stroke are the two largest killers worldwide, collectively causing over 15 million deaths annually (WHO figures), and these are the two main consequences of high blood pressure. Even in the absence of other risk factors, an increase of 20 mm Hg in systolic pressure or 10 mm Hg in diastolic pressure above 115/75 mm Hg doubles the risk of death from cardiovascular disease. Know your numbers, book your free blood pressure screening in Cayman below.

What makes this so worth taking seriously is that the vast majority of individuals with high blood pressure have no outward symptoms and that leaves them at risk of their first symptom being a heart attack or stroke.

15 minutes or less is all it takes to have your blood pressure professionally checked and other risk factors assessed.

Commonest Chronic Disease in Cayman

Often no outward symptoms

Raised Blood Pressure

The silent killer

400,000 Deaths Annually in the US

Raised BP as primary or contributing cause

Professional Checks

Given the importance of knowing your blood pressure, it makes sense to get it right. Your position, pressure cuff size and placing, quality of the equipment and more all make a difference to accuracy.

Our blood pressure screening checks use professional-grade equipment, and are conducted by fully trained nurses, overseen by our Family Medicine Specialist in Cayman.

Besides our passion for your health, one of the reasons we have introduced free blood pressure measurement is to ensure that everybody has access to professional, accurate assessment, regardless of insurance.

15 minutes or less is all it takes to have your blood pressure professionally checked and other risk factors assessed.

Free & Without Obligation

The Integra Complimentary Blood Pressure Screening Service is genuinely free, both of cost and of obligation. You may make an appointment for your free test (preferred), or have it done as a walk-in. You will not be charged a cent. If, as a result, you discover you have raised blood pressure, you are completely free to see whichever physician you prefer. There is no obligation to specifically see one of ours, even though you are of course welcome to.

Book Your Free Blood Pressure Screen Now

Simply work your way through the very short online booking process below. You will see an onscreen confirmation and will receive an email confirmation. Your blood pressure screen is completely without charge and you are under no subsequent obligation to see one of our doctors unless you wish to.

Meet Our Family Medicine Team

Dr Francisco Martinez

Dr Francisco Martinez

Family Physician (General Practitioner)