Discover YOUR Covid Immunity Profile

When we’re all so different, doesn’t it make more sense to know YOUR OWN risks and status?

Everyone is Unique and Responds Uniquely

Some respond well to vaccination and others not so well

Antibody Protection Declines Over Time

It declines swiftly in some, and much more slowly in others

Avoid Overstimulation of Your Immune System

Especially if you have high antibodies through vaccination or virus exposure

Attomarker Triple Antibody Test

Understand Your Own Immunity Profile

…for good reason

When you had your initial vaccination, you knew your Covid Antibody Profile. Zero* (unless you’d had Covid-19 already). Fast forward… so what about now?

Following vaccination, most individuals develop a strong immune response providing protection from the worst effects of the virus. It’s saved hospital admissions, ITU, ventilation and lives. But not everybody develops a strong immune response. Some don’t develop much at all (as many as 1 in 4, depending on which vaccine). So, it’s good to know… and becoming important too. Long before Omicron emerged, it was clear that immunity declined over time. Boosters were advocated. Omicron has increased that pressure. But everybody is DIFFERENT, and that means something.

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Why is YOUR Profile Important?

Because everyone is unique, we need to know how best to protect ourselves, so we can live with confidence, safely. You could be someone with:

  • Low antibody levels from a poor response, an underlying condition or faster than average decline in antibodies (a shorter half-life), suggesting a need for either earlier boosting or greater self-protection behaviours
  • Sufficient antibodies to provide protection for many more months, providing you with greater reassurance and a more normal life
  • A super-responder immune response, with high antibody levels, carrying a potential risk for autoimmune diseases if you over stimulate your immune system

Vaccination Boosting is not just a question of whether to, it’s more a question of when to, and how else you might need to ensure your protection.

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The Attomarker Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Test from Integra

…helping you make sensible personal choices

The Attomarker Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Test helps you understand your immunity and antibody profile today, providing a quadruple set of benefits consistent with an individualised, more precision approach to medicine and specifically vaccination, self-protection behaviours and boosters:

  • Allows vulnerable, low antibody individuals to engage in safer behaviours and seek earlier vaccination boosters
  • Reduces anxiety in individuals with a sufficient level of immunity, including guiding them over when boosting would be most beneficial
  • Identifies and avoids over-stimulation of the immune system, to avoid the potential risk of stimulating autoimmune disease
  • Provides additional information to physicians in the event of a symptomatic covid-19 infection, to help guide monitoring and treatment

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About the test process (please read)

Your Attomarker Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Test will consist of 4 components:
Health Information Questionnaire + Small Venous Blood Sample + The Test Itself (by our team) + Results & Health Guidance Consultation

Please arrive 20 minutes beforehand to allow time for questionnaire & test.

Dr Francisco Martinez

Dr Francisco Martinez

Family Physician (General Practitioner)

Dr Martinez is a family health specialist with a Master in Assessment Medicine and extensive experience in family health and urgent care, geriatrics & palliative care, from Spain & UK. He moved to Cayman in 2012. Dr Martinez combines pragmatism and compassion in all he does.

Uniquely You

You are unique. Every person's immune response to the various Coronavirus vaccines is unique. Unfortunately, some patients Attomarker has tested have not developed antibodies beyond key thresholds, or their antibody levels are declining more rapidly than planned.  Their protection from SARS-CoV-2 variants may be compromised.  Others are super-responders with long-lasting antibodies for whom additional boosters may create inflammatory auto-antibodies. This variation in response is why the Attomarker Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Test is so important. Attomarker has proposed a blood antibody threshold that predicts levels of antibodies in the nasal mucosa - a key indicator of protection against infection. These and the technology itself are based on robust science and experience with antibody thresholds build up of many decades, antibodies and the diseases they are linked to.

Important note: Although this antibody immunity test is based on robust science to back up the findings in practise, immunity is complex and there are other factors that affect individuals or that may leave you prone to infection; please continue to exercise caution in the midst of the pandemic. Your test results are intended for guidance only, and are just part of taking informed decisions, which have many and wider inputs. Although we will do our utmost to provide insight on some of these wider factors or inputs, because of this individuality, neither Attomarker nor Integra Healthcare Ltd can accept any liability for behavioural decisions or actions following receipt of test results.

Additional reading for the scientifically minded:

For additional reading we recommend articles by Shaw et al. and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.